Taxi and Ride Sharing


Our mobility service platform designed to provide users with a convenient and easy way to book and manage and pay for their transport needs. The platform is robust, feature rich and easily configurable to meet the needs of the ever changing market. It is an on-demand transport application that can work across most, if not all transportation services in Fiji. 

It’s an application that will change the way ride sharing works, by creating modern-day co-operative between providers and users. Designed as a multi-modal booking capability allows for integration to most transport systems. Our solution can change the dynamics of mobility in Fiji mobility from taxi management to buses, ferries and shuttles. 

Driver and fleet management applications
Integration to any transaction processing platform
Back office automation, including dashboards and API’s to 3rd party systems (financials,payment processing, user authentication etc.)
Rider sharing and carpool so customers can split the costs


End user mobile and web application
Driver tablet and application (includes acceptance of NFC cards in taxi)
Tailored training and end user change/adoption service
Geo-location recording and identity management service
"We will change the way we get around with easy access to all transport services"

How it works

The different versions of the App, Call center, Map & Tracking

Using the app to order a mobility service, in this process it will include pickup location and destination. The order from the rider will include any special requirements such as wheelchairs.

Once driver finds a rider, the driver uses the app for navigation to the destination, the app in the background is recording location every 30 secs.

Mobility Fiji can also enable a Mai Ride kiosk which is a simple, easy to use application that runs on any Android tablet or smartphone. It offers a fast way to ordering a taxi from any stationary location such as hotel reception, airport terminal, restaurant or bar. It is a great for any popular booking location thus enabling your partners to skip the long wait on a phone line.

For your hotel partners Mai Ride offers a specialized web based booking application
which enables more complex booking. It offers ordering multiple vehicles, shuttle
transport, scheduled ordering and many more. Mai Ride hotel web app is suitable for any hotel, motel or even a restaurant where there is a requirement for fast and complex ordering of a taxi or a shuttle.

Call Center is a Windows desktop based application that helps employees working with customers by phone to optimize their work processes to the maximum.

Map and tracking module is a stand-alone Windows desktop based application intended for overall display of a taxi fleet with current position and status of each taxi.

There are growing trends in technology that are changing consumer expectations: particularly the rise of mobile devices and the “Uberization” of payments. We all understand that mobile devices are now ubiquitous, but what is the “Uberization” of payments? Simply put, it’s the ability for consumers to conveniently and directly transact with other consumers and services, in real-time. With the Mai Ride app and its accompanying hardware, customers have the option of paying through most, if not all mediums acceptable locally : Cash, Credit & Debit Cards, NFC Cards & Mobile wallet. The convenience at which payments can be made is a vital part of meeting the
customer expectation. Equally important, the local economy benefits on every level
as payments are not re-directed off shore, staying well within jurisdiction of the local government allowing transparency as far as revenue, and the collection of taxes are concerned.

We can work with companies and drivers in spreading the Mai Ride services across the country with the following marketing methods:

  • New Standard Taxi Head Signs to support advertising and extra income for taxi drivers
  • Stickers on Mai Ride enabled taxis. This could feature; the number plate for easy
    recognition, logo, and QR Code for an easy download of the app.
  • Digital and Print Media advertising.
  • Merchandising – shirts, caps, and t-shirts

System Overview

This system overview show the various components and connections of Mobility Fiji’s Taxi service and Core Dispatch System:

  • Driver App
  • User Booking App
  • Hotel Booking App
  • API for third Party Systems
  • Driver License Database
  • Credit Card Payment Gateway
  • Vodafone eTransport Payment Gateway
  • Reporting Portal
  • Support Admin Portal
  • Corp Taxi Dispatch Portal