Transportation Integration via an aggregated inclusive model

The key concept of Mobility Fiji is to incorporate the different modes of transportation whether it be Taxi & Ride Sharing, Bus services & Mini Vans, Carriers, Logistics & Deliveries, Water Taxi & Ferries, Micro-Mobility, and even Parking , into one service.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) holds a great deal of promise for the Fiji Transport Sector. This system reduces our reliance on car ownership, effectively reducing road congestion, delays,  and more importantly creating a robust public transport system that better supports our current mobility and lifestyle needs.

Taxi & Ride

Bus Services &
Mini Vans


Water Taxi &

Carriers, Logistics &


The Mobility App

Plan your trips with any combination of transport modes, in real-time

The only local app that lets you compare and combine any transport mode including bus, taxi, ferry, micro-mobility, delivery, parking, or ride share. We have made an in-app wallet that integrates with credit/debit card, m-paisa, and e-transport money. Mobility Fiji helps users keep track of their spending so they know how much money is used on transportation services around Fiji.