About Mobility Fiji

Who we are

Mobility Fiji, as the integrator of mobility services will work along side the Fiji Government, FRCA, and LTA to establish MaaS on an OPEN STANDARD PROTOCOL enabling mobility services within Fiji to integrate into a single hub. This will enable a centralized booking and payment engine along with the appropriate management, analytics  and reporting for Government Authorities.

Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) holds a great deal of promise for the Fiji Transport Sector. This system reduces our reliance on car ownership, effectively reducing road congestion, delays,  and more importantly creating a robust public transport system that better supports our current mobility and lifestyle needs.

The potential to use MaaS to source data on travel movements could open the door to a more efficient use of capacity and transport management tools. Hence our recommendation to develop a sandbox initiative that captures the information needed to help Government and Policy makers, develop policy around this transport protocol.

In our first phase Mobility Fiji will work with selected partners within the pilot phases of establishing the open protocol API. We will be responsible for the design and development of the open mobility protocol API and services gateway. Along with operational responsibility, project management and co-ordination with the transport and fleet operators. “delivery of services”. Mobility Fiji will also assist in the development of the core front end app (in partnership with Vodafone who already provide the bus solution) and integrate into m-paisa (e-transport money) as an initial  common transport value that will eventually become apart of our digital mobility currency.

We understand that MaaS is a digital, data driven service that uses technological capabilities and it is a service that also relies on building an ecosystem of stakeholders that together, agree to manage the supply and demand of the services that travelers want.

Our Vision

“Mobility is the key to Fiji’s growth and development”

With the convergence of transport technology, e-ticketing, micro -mobility solutions along with the high use of shared transport services in Fiji, we are well placed to innovate in the development of an emerging market MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution that will bring all the services together into a single app to find, book and pay for services.

With strong experience in the Fiji Government, business and community sectors I’m well placed to lead the integration of partners and services that will design and deliver a mobility solution to provide a better quality of life for all Fijians.

Truman Bradley
CEO & Founder